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Our dedicated services are developed to fulfill the whole product cycle. They range from discovery, branding, design over to development and continuous improvements in order to achieve the best outcome.


The Haystack platform connects different, internal communication channels of companies to a centralized hub.


If you're into investing in crypto, that means you can stop guessing and start making well-informed decisions.


Giving employees and members a healthier way to pay for out-of-pocket care expenses.


Building financial wellbeing across the United Kingdom.


Stocklabs is the most advanced finance analytics platform on the market. Built for traders, by traders.

Skylight Homes

A platform that makes it simpler for multifamily owners find the perfect tenant for their vacancy.


CoinMENA is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in the MENA region.


Getsafe, as an insurtech, has completely renewed the way how people interact with their insurance.

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