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Motion Design

Project management

Quality assurance

by Marvin Mündelein - 9 minute read

Social media ad creatives – your gateway to a better ad performance

Creatives play a huge role in effective digital advertising. Learn here, what the best practices for social media ad creatives are, and how you can leverage them for your campaign.

by Kevin Dukkon - 7 minute read

The three pillars of great UX design in Web3

Understand Web3 and how it affects the way we design apps

by Dominik Schmidt - 8 minute read

Native mobile vs. React Native development

Understand, when to use which app development framework

by Kevin Dukkon - 9 minute read

12 UI Design Trends to look out for in 2022

Learn about these Designs and be up to date with the UI trends of 2022

by Dominik Schmidt - 6 minute read

A brief discussion over MVC as a software design pattern

Understand how MVC works as a design pattern and what makes it so useful

by Lucas Bongers - 6 minute read

Everything about Apple Search Ads marketing for your mobile app

Understand the advantages of Apple Search Ads – and what mistakes to look out for

by Kevin Dukkon - 3 minute read

Fundamentals of illustrations

Why they now are more important than ever

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