Helping the London-based cryptocurrency startup to provide thorough research reports on cryptocurrenices.

Lightswap is a human-centered people and performance management platform dedicated to supporting employees and managers to be their best selves through software, education, and community.

Crypto investors currently face a lack of trust in the existing exchanges. Our focus was designing a beautiful exchange that is secure and trustworthy, so users can feel comfortable and confident when making trades.

Services we provided
  • Product Workshop
  • iOS Native Design
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Motion Design
  • Design System
  • Development Handover

Crypto is money, let’s use it.

The mission at hand

Quite some time ago, when the crypto hype was still in its inception, we got in touch with Leon from Lightswap. He told us about his vision of an aggregated bitcoin wallet and the idea of Lightswap - a place to buy, sell, and learn crypto - in general. Inspired by his ambitions, we met to talk about the scope of the project, possible approaches, and perfect solutions.

We discussed different UI/UX approaches for a mobile app that allows users to store and manage their crypto funds. We got tasked to create a mobile design language, finalize product design, as well as the whole UX/UI process for the iOS application.

Ultimately, our collaboration included the creation of a complete design system, overhauling Lightswap’s website design, and a new design for their app.

The challenges of designing a crypto app

The topics revolving around crypto, including buying and selling them, are still hard to grasp for many users. And with a lack of understanding comes a growing distrust in everything involving crypto. Understanding these issues and conceptualizing solutions to combat them in order to create a smooth user experience based on trust made up a vital part of our discovery phase. And proved to be vital during our design for the application.

Creating a professional environment shouldn’t result in a knowledge barrier for newcomers. That is why we chose an approach, which aims to simplify the concepts and include explanations of the different processes - through icons, micro-animations, and illustrations. And with every component, we opted to integrate the brand’s identity into the app, giving every small detail a little more depth.

One huge feature that distinguishes Lightswap from many other crypto apps, is its Widget library. The bespoke elements update the users with detailed insights on their wallets, developments in prices, and more.

Overhauling the Website

Lightswap’s website had to fulfill multiple functions, besides collecting e-mails and informing users on the launch of the mobile app. The page needed to build credibility and trust. That is why we developed a clean and clear design to not only showcase the app, but also to inform about its features, and most importantly, about the people behind the company - and their values.

Branding played an important factor during web design. Being the platform that represents the app and the company behind it, meant for us to find proper ways to highlight Lightswap’s values in an aesthetically pleasing way:

The Result

After a long time of close collaboration, during which the client worked side-by-side with us, we ended up with a credible and approachable brand identity, which stands behind professional yet accessible design. With education and guidance in mind, we built a platform that is user-friendly, both, to experts, and to newbies.

Overcoming the challenges that come with designing a crypto-based app proved to be an insightful and rewarding journey for our team. The knowledge we gained from working on this project will continue to serve us well in future endeavors. We would like to thank Leon for his trust and are looking forward to further enhancing the mobile and web experiences.