Supporting Defispot on a mission to become the worlds leading lending protocol.

Defispot is a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to make it possible for users to swap, lend and add/remove liquidity to cryptocurrencies without needing a centralized third-party or requiring users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details.

During our collaboration with the people at Defispot we created an entirely new brand identity, design system, website design, and UI/UX design across all of their platforms. The goal: translating something as complex as crypto and web3 into a simple user experience using sophisticated design methods.

Services we provided
  • Analyze Customer Needs
  • Market Research
  • Product Definition
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Design
  • iOS Native Design
  • Android Native Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Design System
  • Development Handover

New visual identity

Supporting the new leading brand in crypto

We teamed up with Defispot, a big player in the crypto space, for an insightful and complex project: we were commissioned to create an entirely new brand identity, design system, website design, and UI/UX design across all of their platforms. The challenge: creating a design that makes complex matters such as crypto and web3, simple. See, how we’ve overcome this issue.

We started the process with a briefing: we conducted market research and analyzed customer needs. How does competition tackle issues like complexity, unfamiliarity, and user-unfriendly experiences that still plague many web3 apps? What expectations does the user have when navigating through web3 apps? And, how can we fulfill those expectations using design?

The knowledge we gained from our in-depth research provided us with the means to build a design that screams „future” and „user-friendly”, and an identity that establishes Defispot as a leading brand in the crypto space.

Everything under your control.

Defispot is a multichain, decentralized exchange (DEX) that makes it possible for users to swap, lend, and add/remove liquidity to cryptocurrencies without the need for centralized third parties or requiring users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details.

Removing third parties adds independency - and more personal responsibility. Therefore, it was therefore imperative for Defispot to provide their users with transparency and a sense of security. And most importantly, we needed to implement design elements that simplify complex matters to reduce the cognitive load on the user.

We went for a simple, clean UI that quickly familiarizes the user with the app and its functions. Many processes within web3 apps are still to complex - that’s why we implemented guiding components and overviews that briefly explain every action the user may take, easing their way into the application and guaranteeing a smoother user journey.

With FIAT currencies such as the Dollar and Euro still being considered as benchmarks, we made sure to incorporate them into the app, as to give the user the option to view the value of different cryptocurrencies in FIAT.

Bespoke icons that perfectly portray the different functions of the app complete the redesign of Defispot’s platforms.

A design system that lasts

The creation of a new design system played a major part in our cooperation with Defispot. Too many companies are stuck with a simple pattern library. We wanted to create a design system that truly acts as a living style guide. So we built a design system that lasts.

We conducted a thorough visual audit of our client’s current design to determine its qualities, and what to change. Next comes the core of our new design system: the visual language. Through extensive testing and discussing in close collaboration with our client, we defined the new color palette and typography, and determined guidelines for illustrations and icons.

Lastly, we created a pattern library, and made sure to include detailed documentation and standards, highlighting what each component is - and when to use it. That way, we could be sure that everyone in the team of Defispot was on board with with the How-s and Why-s behind the system.

The Result

After every step has been completed, the new product could be successfully launched. We looked at user analytics and were happy to witness a tremendous spike in user volume following the redesign of Defispot’s platforms.

The challenge of designing a web3 app, and finding solutions to the common problems of overcomplexity and unfamiliarity, was an insightful and enriching experience for us. We are happy to have contributed to Defispot’s ongoing success as a company in the crypto space.

‘After we have announced the new UI, we have spiked 2000% in user volume.’