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von Laura Schellen - 8 Minuten Lesezeit

How to organize client workshops: helpful tools and practices

Client workshops create the very foundation for a great project and thriving partnership. Find out, which tools and practices you need to organize and hold a successful workshop with your clients.

von Laura Schellen - 10 Minuten Lesezeit

Agile vs Waterfall: choosing the right methodology

Choosing the right method of operation is vital to your project’s success. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the agile and waterfall approaches and start your project the right way.

von Chris Krüger - 5 Minuten Lesezeit

Everything you need to know when hiring a UI/UX design agency

Hiring a UI/UX agency for your project is crucial to its success. Yet, the process of finding the perfect fit can be quite challenging. Follow the steps provided below, and you will be prepared for this venture.

von Marvin Mündelein - 9 Minuten Lesezeit

Social media ad creatives: your gateway to a better ad performance

Creatives play a huge role in effective digital advertising. Learn here, what the best practices for social media ad creatives are, and how you can leverage them for your campaign.

von Kevin Dukkon - 7 Minuten Lesezeit

The three pillars of great UX design in Web3

In order to evolve from a fringe phenomenon into the mainstream, web3 applications need to be more accessible. That is why we explored some design aspects that will help ease the user’s journey into the decentralized internet.

von Dominik Schmidt - 8 Minuten Lesezeit

Native mobile vs. React Native development

Are you planning on building a mobile application, but not sure, which development framework to use? Then read this article, where we cover the pros and cons of both routes.

von Kevin Dukkon - 9 Minuten Lesezeit

12 UI Design Trends to look out for in 2022

Off to a new year of great UI design trends. 2022 comes with a great set of new innovations,
up-and-coming trends, and comebacks of old favorites.

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