How to become an outstanding UX/UI designer

If you are dreaming to become a top-notch UX/UI designer, check out these 7 most important qualities

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How to become an outstanding UX/UI designer

As the demand for a good User Experience (UX) is increasing, it is essential to keep up with the necessary skills to address that specific need. Plus, the career of a UX/UI designer is very promising, thus it is necessary to be well aware of the most important qualities to be a UX/UI designer. If you are looking for a pathway to become a proficient UX/UI designer, you have come to the right place.

In the following, we will list down a few of the technical skills and soft skills required to be a good UX/UI designer. These qualities are deemed as the most important ones.

Without delay, let’s have a look at them:

  1. Understanding the user
  2. Researching well and being up to date
  3. Expert in information architecture
  4. Knowledge of wireframing and UI prototyping
  5. Excellent visual communication
  6. Grasp over interaction design
  7. Necessary people skills

Most important qualities

In the following, we will elaborate on the details.

Understanding the user

We have listed this on the top because understanding the pulse of the user is vital. The core foundation of a design is based on the end-user. As a result, any UX/UI designer should have knowledge about the end-user. Without having the necessary insights, the designer will not be able to deliver a top-notch quality user experience.

Once the designer is well aware of the end-user and their requirements, then it will be easier to create a bespoke design for the user. The UX/UI designer proactively needs to gather information about the end-user and craft the website based on that information.

With user empathy, the UX/UI designer will be able to put himself on the shoe of the user. This accelerates the design process and ensures the outcome is relevant to the target group.

Researching well and being up to date

A UX/UI designer has to go through a lot of processes before a final design sees the light of day. There are processes that include developing the design framework, finalizing the design thinking approach, composing a consistent user experience and more. To ensure state of the art quality in all the areas, there is no exception to be well informed and up to date. A well-researched UX/UI designer will be able to deal with big design projects easily compared to a newbie.

In addition to that, with the knowledge of recent trends and updates, the UX/UI designer will be able to create modern and up to date components. Plus, it will give him the leverage to deal with the different requirements of the clients.

Not doing proper research is one of the most common mistakes you can make. If you want to learn more about UX mistakes to avoid, feel free to read our article on great UX design.

Expert in information architecture

Information architecture refers to the ability to organize information in an understandable structure. It is the technical process of showcasing tons of information in a crisp yet sufficient way. This skill is required in many platforms such as websites, apps, software and even on printed materials and physical spaces.

The UX/UI designer should be well versed with labelling, navigation and search functions. Otherwise, it will not be easy to ensure a standard user experience design.

Knowledge of wireframing and UI prototyping

Knowing wireframing and prototyping are two essential functions among the important qualities to be a UX/UI designer. These are important knowhow because these deal with the two most important components of design, the process and the function.

By wireframing, a UX/UI designer will craft the blueprint of the entire design, Wireframing is not about how the entire user experience will look, it will show how the user experience will work. For example, in the case of a website, wireframing will show the elements that are needed to be available from page to page. It summarizes all the components that are needed for a possible interaction of the user experience.

In addition, the know-how of the prototype will enable the UX/UI designer to test the functionality of the design. Through prototyping, it is possible to test the page functionality and navigation of the website. It is a process of testing if there is any loop in the user experience. It will help to find out areas of improvement to work on.

Excellent visual communication

Excellent visual communication is one of the most important qualities to be a UX/UI designer because a major portion of the work depends on visual communication. Because of the nature of the work, UX/UI designers are dependent on using a visual aid to communicate with the users. A proficient UX/UI designer needs to be familiar with communicating using the following components:

  • Layout: Designing with the appropriate layout for website, app or software.
  • Colour: Using the proper colour combination that complements the brand guidelines.
  • Typography: To be creative with typography and use it appropriately.
  • Icons: Using icon-based visuals for easier communication.
  • Images: Utilizing necessary images in the right way.
  • Design Theory: Developing and following design theory to build a solid user experience.

With all the elements combined, a UX/UI designer will be able to create a state of the art user experience.

Grasp over interaction design

Interaction design is about how a user interacts with the user experience. It focuses completely on the interactive end of the design. You will have to consider the process the user will go through and the points they will interact with. Through interactive prototyping, the UX/UI designer can find out the performance of the design in terms of interaction with users.

The interaction design focuses on the specific details of the user experience. For example, whether to use a scrolling feature or swiping feature on a specific page of the website falls under the interaction design of user experience. With this skill, the UX/UI designer will be able to create a stellar user experience that not only has stunning looks but also has cutting edge functionality.

People skills

People skills are one of the most important qualities to be a UX/UI designer because it focuses on the interpersonal skills of the UX/UI designer. A designer with good people skills will be able to communicate better with the clients. Apart from that, they will be able to work in a team if they have the necessary people skills.

People skill is one of the essential soft skills that can benefit a UX/UI designer. People skill is an added advantage for the UX/UI designer as it will help him, in the long run, to sustain as a proficient UX/UI designer.


These are the 7 most important qualities to be a UX/UI designer. With a combination of these qualities, anyone can become a proficient UX/UI designer with time. If you are dreaming to become a top-notch UX/UI designer, acquiring these qualities will help you to become one.

Start to chat with us if you are looking for a high-quality design. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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