A selection of the best design learning resources

The best design learning resources that helps you to design amazing user experiences

Diana Palavandishvili

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by Diana Palavandishvili

A selection of the best design learning resources

While working on UX design, it has always been challenging to find the right content to follow and take inspiration from. The internet contains a huge collection of resources and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the material that you are exactly looking for.

This article lists a few qualitative resources that we used to refer to while designing amazing UX experiences. We believe this list will help you as a consolidated source of information that you can easily use while designing the UX for your products.

Design blogs

Below is a list of design blogs that share useful content related to all aspects of the user experience design.

A List Apart

A List Apart is a webzine that explores the design, user experience, development, process, industry and business and meaning of web content with a special focus on web standards and best practices. You can find articles and helpful material about every topic related to design.

Boxes And Arrows

Boxes and Arrows provides content related to practice, innovation and discussion of design including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine provides comprehensive articles, digital books as well as information related to design job openings, conferences and memberships. They are helping to educate people by learning design and development skills.

99 Designs

99 Designs is a big platform that offers content related to design inspiration and design learning. In addition, 99 Designs offers the designers opportunity to connect with clients and work together online. It means in addition to publishing amazing design content 99 Designs is offering a freelancing platform to designers.

UX Magazine

UX Magazine is a free community that works closely with practitioners and industry leaders who are experts in UX design to provide a steady stream of engaging and useful content.

UX Booth

UX Booth is a publication for the user experience community where the community itself is sharing its experiences. They provide expert advice to beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers.

UX Collective

UX Collective is offering a huge collection of UX design articles, tutorials, resources and blogs. They are trying hard to curate the large content and share it with the community in a more structured and digestible way.

Design inspiration


Dribbble is the leading destination to find and showcase creative work and home to the world’s best design professionals. Tens of millions of people look for design inspiration and feedback on Dribbble. It allows the designers to share screenshots to show off projects, boost their portfolio and make an impact in the UX field.


Behance, part of the Adobe family, is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. Creative people around the world join Behance, entering a community made with their original work and creative process in mind.


Awwwards recognizes the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. It provides a meeting point, where digital design professionals from across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect and share constructive, respectful critiques.

Design courses


Lynda provides a collection of design trainings and tutorials by offering more than 700 design courses. This collection contains learning resources from basic level to expert level in-depth tutorials.


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.


Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed. Udemy helps organizations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work by providing a collection of top-rated business and technical courses.


Coursera provides courses affiliated from a number of top-rated educational institutes and every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from world-class universities and companies to make learning more efficient. There are hundreds of free courses available that provide access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. Paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable course certificate upon completion.

From experiences with global brands and startups our user experience and user interface designers can help you realize your ideas and shaping your industry a bit more when it comes to digital innovation. If you have a design project or challenge you need support with, feel free to contact us.

Diana Palavandishvili

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Diana Palavandishvili

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