The best tools for project managers

Don’t miss one of these powerful tools to bring your efficiency to the next level

Laura Schellen

Project Management

by Laura Schellen

The best tools for project managers

It is amazing how project management (PM) tools and apps have progressed in the last few years. This incredible advancement has let us write a detailed article about the latest tools you can use to support and improve the efficiency of your team today.

Modern project management tools combine intuitive functions, powerful functionality, and a sharp user interface.

Written below is a compiled list of the best tools for PMs, most of which are highly efficient while some of them perform excellently in specific circumstances.


Jira is proficient in project tracking for any team or company that uses the active methodology. The interface is understandable and customizable, and it immediately displays the information you require. It can be used to manage project managers’ daily tasks or huge design and development projects. Jira allows project managers to plan their work effectively, meet deadlines, and track every project’s progress.

However, due to its size and abilities, it can be intimidating. The process of learning all the options and configurations is time-consuming. Nevertheless, once the setup is completed, working with Jira gets easier. It’s a good option for experienced PMs handling large projects.


Monday, previously referred to as “Dapulse”, is a highly visual tool with easy handling. It assists in tracking all your daily tasks and provides a high-level overview from a single place. You can get started fast with customizable templates and automation of repetitive work. Due to the high variety of interfaces, it does not matter whether you want to use it for project management purposes, marketing campaigns that have to be organised and measured, simple task management or software development to sprint through a development process.


Height is a project management software that enables you to manage your tasks quicker. It allows you to easily create tasks and sub-tasks in line with an efficient and active spreadsheet interface. You can also update your tasks with in-line editing, shortcuts, and multi-select.


Trello is a project management tool that is simple and easy to use. It is used for managing team progress and collaboration. It allows you to develop and track all tasks, assign people to each task, and also get to share files. Most importantly, you can easily have access to all the information you need anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is open it in your browser or use the phone app for instant access. It also enables easy integration with your other toolset and can also make your life more convenient due to its automation features.

Trello’s disadvantage is that it’s not easy to track a more complex flow. This is the cost, you have to pay for the tool’s simplicity.


Asana is a web and mobile application to manage, organise and track projects working best for small and mid-sized projects. The project dashboard provides a quick overview of every single project and combines elements of project management, file storage to manage projects without emailing across the project team.

Additional tools


Slack is one of the most common team communication tools. It has all the essential functionalities: screen sharing, voice and video communication, instant messaging, and a large selection of emojis. It’s pretty easy to arrange discussions by topics (or channels) and get the special attention of a specific group of co-workers through custom mentions.

Slack can sometimes be a little overpowering. It will do you a lot to carefully learn to mute notifications to eliminate noise.


If you want everything under one package then Google is a good option. Google’s toolset is a great tool for people, who need to cooperate with a team and be involved in file sharing. For example, “Google Docs” is used for writing while “Forms” is for gathering feedback from the team. “Slides” is used for presentations (both internal and external), “Gmail” for sending and receiving messages, “Calendar” to set up meetings, “Meet” for having remote team meetings and workshops, etc. Also, it’s easy to have all your data in one place regardless of time zone and location.

Particular tools for Development and Quality Assurance


Suppose your company values communication and transparency; GitHub is the PM app you need. It allows you to make your repositories visible to your clients. Apart from building quality trust, GitHub is also an incredible tool for effectively managing team members, tracking developers’ commits, and getting accurate access to the staging environment. A good project manager can react fast to a deficiency of commits and help developers solve non-technical issues.


Quality Assurance is a vital element of every development process. Typically, each development team possesses at least one devoted QA specialist. Rollbar enables you to see exactly how often bugs, errors, or warnings look on production and staging servers. You can discover which bugs occur more frequently and precisely the date and time they occurred. These data can assist the QA specialists and developers in investigating the reasons behind specific problems. Well, bug detection and elimination are fast, simple, and easy, that the clients are not usually aware that there ever was an issue.


This tool enables users to track code quality and test coverage easily. Developers can define hotspots and discuss feasible enhancements with the entire team, including the client while presenting essential data. You can quickly react to the lower code quality and ensure that all the applications are tested.


Hopefully, this list will help you in selecting the best software for your use case to boost your efficiency and productivity. Project management tools play a vital role in the never-ending processes of a business. With such a large selection of apps for project management and software development, you can discover any accurate tool for you and your team’s needs.

We at Fintory also use these tools but not all at the same time. Our choice is depending on the client’s and project’s needs. If you are interested in more information, please feel free to reach out to us.

Laura Schellen

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Laura Schellen

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